September 30, 2002

Let 'em bake cake! Well,

Let 'em bake cake!

Well, of course. From a flyer passed out by our Women's Center:

Pay Equity Bake Sale

In order to illustrate the inconsistencies that exist in today's marketing price strategies (imagine the difference between the cost of a haircut for a man versus a woman), the Women's Center is holding a pay equity bake sale. Donated baked goods will be sold at prices to more evenly match the economic status of the individual.

Couple of things:
RE: the haircuts--I always figured I paid more because my haircut consists of washing, layering, highlighting and blowdrying/styling, whereas the hublet's consists of sitting in a chair, getting some clippers run over his head, and leaving. What. Ever. The men who frequent my salon pay just as much as I do, and in my opinion, it's a rip, because they don't have half the hair, and the styles are nowhere near as complex. Plus, we're all free to get haircuts at the barber shop if we don't wanna pay tons o' cash.

And what does that second sentence mean, exactly? If I want to buy a cake, but don't make as much as, say, the Chancellor, does that mean she would be charged a higher price for the cake than I would? Do I have to submit a pay stub so my sisters can determine the fair market price for that pie as it applies to me? What the hell?

Activism is dead. No, really. Dead.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at September 30, 2002 11:16 AM

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