February 04, 2005

Churchill's Last Stand

Okay, so he's a fake Indian. Real Indians are justifiably pissed off. Holy cow.

You know, the more time I spend with scientist types who are actually producing research that affects the way we live, the less proud I am of my humanities degree. Seriously folks, what are English departments producing nowadays? Other than reams of ponderous, self-absobed post-modern angst-o-grams that appear in the New Yorker's fiction section, or incomprehensible babblings about the incomprehensible babblings of some French guy who enjoyed fisting? Maybe the constant complaints about the politicization of academia are the natural result of decades spent segregating and hair-splitting and condemning a body of literature until the beauty of the canon is buried under a pile of "issues." Well, when there is a "canon." We're too busy arguing about the validity of privileging one special interest group over another to even agree on what that is anymore. I'm not feeling the fluffy lit-crit love, people. Seriously.

I apologize in advance for the comment wonkiness. I suppose I need to just bite the freaking bullet and upgrade to the latest version of MT and TypeKey comments. As I have no idea when this will happen, you'll just have to send your flaming flame-o-grams to my email, which I really suck at answering.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at February 4, 2005 08:59 AM