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How Bungie Created Strand, Destiny 2’s First New Subclass in 3 Years

by Willie Lee

Bungie, the game developer behind the popular Destiny 2, has recently introduced a new subclass called the Strand. This is the first new subclass that the game has seen in three years, and it has been a welcome addition for players looking for fresh gameplay experiences. In this article, we will explore how Bungie created the Strand subclass and what makes it unique.

The Strand subclass is part of the game’s latest expansion, The Witch Queen. It is a subclass for the Warlock class, which is one of the three classes in the game. Warlocks are known for their ability to harness the power of the Traveler, a mysterious entity that provides them with powerful abilities.

Bungie has described the Strand subclass as a “cosmic illusionist” that manipulates the fabric of reality to deceive their enemies. This subclass is all about trickery and deception, and it allows players to confuse and disorient their opponents.

One of the key abilities of the Strand subclass is called Flicker. This ability allows players to teleport a short distance in any direction. This can be used to quickly move around the battlefield and avoid enemy fire, or to get in close to enemies and deal massive damage.

Another ability of the Strand subclass is called Illusory Rift. This ability creates a rift that disorients enemies and makes them more vulnerable to attack. This can be used to create openings in enemy defenses, allowing players to take them down more easily.

The Strand subclass also has a super ability called Tesseract. This ability creates a large, spherical field that slows down enemies and deals massive damage to them. This can be used to control an area of the battlefield and take out large groups of enemies.

So how did Bungie come up with the concept for the Strand subclass? In an interview with Polygon, Destiny 2 design director Evan Nikolich explained that the team wanted to create a subclass that was focused on deception and trickery.

“We really wanted to play with the idea of the Warlock as a cosmic illusionist,” Nikolich said. “We started talking about ways that we could bring that concept to life in gameplay. And that’s really where the idea for the Strand subclass came from.”

Nikolich also explained that the team took inspiration from classic magic tricks, like sleight of hand and misdirection, when designing the Strand subclass.

“We looked at a lot of classic magic tricks, like card tricks and sleight of hand, and tried to think about how we could translate those concepts into gameplay,” he said. “We wanted the Strand subclass to feel like you were pulling off a magic trick in the middle of a battle.”

The result of this creative process is a subclass that feels unique and refreshing compared to the other subclasses in the game. The Strand subclass is not just about dealing damage, but also about controlling the battlefield and manipulating enemy movements.

Players have been enthusiastic about the new subclass, with many praising its unique gameplay mechanics and its focus on deception and trickery.

“I love the Strand subclass,” said Destiny 2 player Tom Johnson. “It’s so much fun to teleport around the battlefield and confuse your enemies. It feels like you’re playing a completely different game.”

Overall, the introduction of the Strand subclass has been a welcome addition to Destiny 2. Bungie’s focus on creating a subclass that was focused on deception and trickery has resulted in a unique gameplay experience that is both refreshing and engaging.

As Bungie continues to expand and evolve Destiny 2, it will be interesting to see what other new subclasses and gameplay mechanics the team will introduce in the future. For now, players can enjoy the Strand subclass and all the new content that The Witch Queen expansion has to offer.

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